A exploration of spiritual stillness, 30 day fast of reading, studying and practicing the 26th verse of Tao Te Ching. (Living Calmly) The month long spiritual exercise in accepting and being gracious for what lies ahead. Being a avid hack writer, I’ll post 30 days consecutively, thoughts on “Being Content.” Poems, exercises, take-home assignments, etc.


Day 6,

God where are you?

No spiritual phenomenon causes more discontent then the unanswered pray. I have many Christians brothers and sisters, more so then any other religion. I do not have a definitive answer to what pray is, I repeat its meaning from popular culture.

Recently I began to investigate the age old practice, a inner perspective of sort. What is pray? In our Western society Christianity is king, Jesus or Bust. My wife’s a Christian, so my knowledge of the practice presently comes from it.

From my understanding pray is the, “Request of intervention by God.” A better jobs, relief of mental/physical, pain, new wife etc. The practice can be done from any bodily positions, alone or with a group. I believe a group gives pray more impact, a team thing.

I have distanced myself slowly from the belief God intervenes on my request.  The biggest misconception of God, “Pray and he’ll grant your desires.” Nothing could be further from the truth, there are unnumbered people praying regularly that are discontent.

I’m Bless, are you really?

Repetitive complaints about their lives, about their misfortunes, poor relationships, it never ends. I witness more Christians complaining then anyone, I know more poor people at peace, without a pot to piss in.

Should your child be blessed above everyone else? Must your marriage go without hardship? Must you have a better paying job? Only you can answer that, if you feel God has promise this to you, you have many restless nights ahead. The belief that a supernatural force intervenes on your behalf is delusional, it create your lack of gratitude.

Without gratitude, you consistently pray for supplement, waiting impatiently for your blessings. Jealous of others who you believe do not deserve what they have. You’re consumed with envy and strife, collapsing at the pray alter every other Sunday.


Peace for the Soul

Live in Harmony now, praying the one pray you’ll every need, “Thank you.” This sent out to the universe sends back peace, acceptance, gratitude. Peace with whatever God has given.  Consequently, do not pretend gratefulness, so you can receive favor, “I’m blessed,” but privately cursing your life. Many have taken up this magic trick, but nothing comes from it, but more pain.

God can not be fooled, you trick yourself, words are the least trusted measure of faith. If you are truly thankful, your pray have been answered. You need not shout for supplement, but only to whisper, “Its done.”

It takes life’s lessons and self-discipline to be faithful, it can not be taught or sermon to you. It must be experienced and then you’ll know the peace of a man with nothing. The smile of the condemned, the joy of the homeless, the poor.

You fight on however, yet with all your praying you still don’t understand,

“The meek shall inherit the earth.”


The Invisible Dragon