Friends, Are We?

A productive friendship orbits honesty like stars in a distant galaxy. It remains the component I gage myself as well as others by. If unable to share truthfully your life with me we have not much in common.

We do not share a spirit and that common dominator, honesty the reason why. There lies the fault of pseudo-friendship. Being truthful garnish communion with respect and fertilize growth of participants. It drives trust like herds of wildebeest across the Serengeti.


Friendship inspires blindly and without provocation. It does not thirst as dry grounds without rain or becomes crippled by absence. No, friendship remains a overused word, vogue and delightful to mention, but practiced less.

A formal visit, a kind word is just that, but friendship resonates deeper. Its unexplainable once you have it, your friends knows you, without language they comfort. The phone rings at the precise moment, “Do you need me” asked before tears stream down a painful face.

The Joy of Friendship


Its been said, best friends hurt each others at times. I believe this to be false, immature people pretending to be friends hurt each other. True friendship never hurts, mutual spirits of Love produce flavorful actions harmoniously routinely.  There are many examples of mature friendships which produce only kindness.

Never an acid tongue disguise as warmth to degrade. Always treating not just their friends with Love but everyone they come in contact with. A warm spirited person makes the best friends, because they love everyone as themselves. They treat everyone the same, friend or foe with kindness, its the circle of life.


I understand my desire to be a great friend as well as a great person. My friendships are minimal and truthfulness of a mature adult the prerequisite in all of them. The unrelenting desire for honesty becomes a barrier at times, understandable.  Men especially love to role play.

It means so much to be truthful in personal relationships. People who share such a quality are most aspiring. They make you believe you can do anything.  Friendship, it picks up where you leave off.

robert williams~