A Mother’s Death

by ~robert williams


days fade for fallen, wrinkle face abandon

destitute of spirit a resting place nears

how has one come to

a miserable existence alone


she desires life yet death arrives

a spirit long harden, she reflects emptiness

of life into her ocean of misery


toils yet not grasp

the eluding prize of life; happiness

it escapes as water from the fist

tears descend down the ungentle skin

once beautiful, now harden as stone


she cries often to herself

her scream bellow to God

“for which act so terrible I suffer so”

loneliness of air delivers pain as silence

cutting her heart again


she welcomes the pain

its response better then none,

its her routine

the only link to humanity

her death long sealed she recites the plea

as a testament to faith,

one which never existed


she is still cold and lonely

among the still hearts

unsound rhythm

they go on with their day,

a lost yet a gain

life of a maiden of dreams


I will never forget her

when she had color

motions fluent

a heart of love

she sacrifice her life for me

my only living example…

“To never give up”


My Mother:  Ann Glenn

April 4, 1944-July 4, 1990