dragon photo

When we are in what I refer as “Chase Mode,” (:the process of pursuing worldly dreams) often a personal spiritual base does not exist. Our perceptions of success askew, we amass an mis-identification of life’s values.

Unrelenting regimens to acquire more are rooted with self-serving activities. We are up early, bed late, pushing, shoving all in quest of an title, “I made it.” However, countless souls reached what believe to be a finish line only to be met with disqualification of spirit.


A life worth lived, a life worth shared

take life slow, do not press

let things unfold naturally

begin your day in spirit

rest often throughout

find beauty in the 10,000 things

live without bitterness


hold gentle mankind’s time

a slow moving stream

touching with kindness

walk under the moon

run on the grass

live in nature

as a beetle


Never rush to conflict

accept resolution,

forgive your secret mind

strengthen caring for others

there is no where to be

paradise rest where you are


Do you have a spiritual Routine? Have do you stay in balance?

The Invisible Dragon