“Sunset, San Francisco” – by Shuck

Sunset San Francisco by Shuck

Do not try with Taoism, allow it to naturally flow. Although, it’s without vision sound or touch its present in all our dealings, also, utilize silence and stillness as defense against the willingness to control outcomes. Conversely, a world which says you control your outcomes goes against the nature of Tao. Remain centered in its awesome power of nothingness, as life unfolds without our intervention.

Practice Taoism by not wishing to control or intervene, by doing this a peaceful spirit emerges. Consequently, we activate our ability to accept life’s totality, rain, sunshine, highs and lows. …His sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous. Matthew 5:45. Acceptances of life, being fine where you are unleashes powers of our higher being, and removes discontent and malice of heart.

Taoism goes against the world’s interpretation of, “A life worth living.”  Hence, a world which sets in motion our desires for more acquisitions, accomplishments and fame, consequently, propelling us to a life span of pain and suffering. We become unable to be satisfied, in other words, always striving and never arriving. Release these desires to be the best, number one and above others, practice the humility of Taoism by accepting all of life to unfold naturally. Accepting rain and sunshine equally.

Heaven in the heart of stillness and peace.