Our Tao less mind perceives opposites. We define experiences with labels created for our illusion, a false impression of our world. Consequently, if disappointment occurs, its “Low” or elation its, “High,” and so, division of mind evolves.

The Sage accepts both experiences as equal, identical. Both are one experience, each leading to the other, up is the way to down, and down is the way to up. Our forged perceptions lead us away from Oneness supplying degrees to all phenomenons.  Mental disharmony originates in this  accepted process.

All experiences are one, Sage relish all experiences realizing each present the Tao. Accept all of life as Oneness and harmony will accompany you. Evolution of spirit begins when we are able to envision the undercurrent beneath our world of illusions. A life which need no navigation, nor explanation, opposites of a worldly mind.