“Great PC, never have I been as centered as I am presently. My two years of therapy ended two weeks ago and my endorsement of counseling intervention can not be understated. My graduate’ concentration is in Counseling Adults in Higher Ed, however one personal interest was to discover why mental illness is a "forbidden" subject in my culture.

Conversely, depression nearly cost me my life and I am so grateful to my therapist. ( A young female doctor who I thought was in over her head, Dr. Amy Jacobsen) She marveled me with unconditional regards and empathy and empowered me spiritually and personally throughout our lengthy process. I never imagined counseling let alone a young white female counselor getting my mind back on track. She’s one of my best gifts I ever received, and I’ll never forget her, never.

However, no one in my culture alerted me of possible mental illness being a cause of my instability, and now I imagine the dread of others not fortunate as myself. (e.g., My grandmother and Mother) So I wanted to know why, and so I have discovered mental illness like HIV are taboo subjects in my culture. Transparently hidden from public view as if a trophy of humanitarian achievement is awarded for worst kept secrets among cultures.

The dismal numbers among African American mental illness non-treatment and astronomical HIV infection bare witness of silence, denial and lack or mis-education. Hopefully my friend I will produce educational components which will help severer the systematic denial of mental illness and HIV in AA communities; as well as other non-majorities communities, e.g., Latinos. Its a crisis played out nightly across news outlets. I can help.

Friend, your perfect infusion is as if I possess a teammate above the heavens. Mental illness and federal conviction appears to harness social isolation and public sanctions. Its sting has not offered exemption and loneliness as a by-product visits me every so often.

You however are but a small minority who frequent my life with personal intervention and caring. So lest I ever need to remind you, thank you for the hope and encouragement you supply to my family and I.”



Robert Williams