The Tao does not teach the Way
a description of nothingness, it lacks
leadership, it’s void of supernatural powers
like a drop of rain upon a leaf
it has no intentions…
The Tao does not halt my egotism
nor satisfy my thirst for enlightenment
in my hands or resting on the nightstand
it’s useless, empty…
as I sought refuge
from my thoughts it turned away,
a brunt soul seeking water,
it offered a barren cup instead,
unwilling to stand
me up or correct my life
I wondered its purpose in
it witness my anger and sadness
and did not intervene,
it does not conquer my enemies
nor flood my coffer with booty,
it does not halt self-destruction,
or marvel at it,
if alive it provide no sign
I can not pass it along
or teach it to my children
is it a pity that nothingness
can not be taught
but only lived,
indescribable This Damn Tao…


The Invisible Dragon