“Yes one who flies above the sky leaves her dust.”

The dragon has completed his first semester in graduate courses. It was an exciting reentry into the world of higher education. My professors were great as well as my classmates. I did not know what to expect back in August, but apprehension was apparent in my first few weeks.

The classes were inclusive and allowed me freedom of self-expression; I had anticipated a more rigid atmosphere. (I am sure there may be some professors who will demonstrate this behavior.)

I have decided to concentrate my master’s studies in the area of leadership and develop a framework of leadership development. I can across a book titled, “Leadership in the twentieth-first century by Joseph C. Rost and my purpose became evident after my purchase and reading. Leadership appears to be in quagmire concerning a consensus on definition.

My heart has many thoughts on the phenomenon called “Leadership.”  Hopefully we explore together but yet apart…