I walk and vision a companion
She from a distance notices my gaze
I am not shy but apprehensive,
She possess my secrets
Slowly my heart anticipates
her fingers guiding
my boyish hands alone her breasts…
I am lost in her passion
Her power to absorb my desires
intimidate but yet sooth me,
She has loved once before
Was it me?
No man shall be this simple
her silence takes my potency
and caress my spirit,
a spirit unbeknownst before
this deliberate seduction
her hips lay me down
a speechless heroin
of a thousand lovers
seduces my fears,
my fears are her Aphrodite
she increase her devices
the purpose to extract my fantasies
I am soon exhausted by her vigor
left aside the divan,
In a trance
I vision a companion,
a speechless heroin
one which love with fear…
I fear…I love such a lover


The Dragon breath his fire…