Tao Chapter 18,


When the Great Way is absent,
laws and regulation flourish.
Hypocrisy, and knowledge is
born when one needs rules
to be kind…


When harmonious kinship
becomes brittle and pass away,
piety arises…
When the country falls to
anarchy patriotism is born.


I read the Tao from one point of view nothingness. Some chapters of the Great Way are clear some toy with my natural. There is no competition in interpreting its 81 verses for mastery. There’s no pretentiousness that I know the Great Mystery. Not long ago Taoism was as foreign as my native African tongue. I am today what I was yesterday inside the mystery.

Reading the Great Mystery leaves me with no questions or answers. It provides not redemption or freedom of life…it only gives what is given.

Chapter 18 illumine that Tao needs no followers of its manuscript. If one needs antiquated text to guide behaviors of love and kindheartedness one does not understand the Tao. A document which instructs acts of love creates apathy and emptiness. The people wait for what the book says.

You do not need rules to…”be spirit.”

The Invisible Dragon