Get rid of sainthood and wisdom
people will increase a hundredfold.
Without duty and justice
people will govern themselves.
If organization and profit deceased
there will no more thieves.


These remedies are superficial
and only treat symptoms.


Stay focused in center,
expecting nothing and
accepting everything.
This is the Tao.


When the sage loses herself in the world of the 10,000 things she becomes disoriented. Obedient to customs and ceremonies she forgets her true nature and is tossed to and fro. Her illusions of the 10,000 things possess her as she chases simulated ambitions and needs.

When we are unsatisfied it’s because our desires multiply with each worldly gain. However, in the center ambitions and carvings subside, consequently, we find our true nature. Our freedom from the world of the 10,000 things encourages us to witness without been possessed.

One can sit naked and watch the universe.

The Invisible Dragon