Why… do some remain spiritually powerless? Our television schedule filled with numerous self-help gurus and motivators attempting to change our predicament. We read self-empowering books and stomp a hole in our shoes at church praying change will come. There is no debilitating emotion greater than one of, “Being Spiritually Powerless.”

An nonspiritual-wedged life diminishes most everything we attempt. We cannot love sincerely, careers are not satisfying, and we possess an unspoken chronic state of fear and doubt. The spiritual ineptness ultimately creates a spirit of dissatisfaction and unhappiness.

Build a New Spiritual Foundation.

Why do we stay in this spiritless vortex? Here’s the answer. Our spiritual foundation is cracked and we are unwilling to recognize and change it! We must destroy our defective spiritual concept and rebuild, however as some can attest, easier said than done.

Here are the two hardest things to do in life, (1) something you do not know how to do, and (2) something you do not want to do. The multi-layer resistant ego will fight tooth and nail to remain in control.

The ego does not want change but status quo. It desires an infested mind of sadness, anxiety and confusion. In a disguise that resembles freedom of choice; our wretched choices match our ineptness. Nevertheless, we can elevate our consciousness, if you desire a rehabilitation of consciousness, read further.

Challenge Your Consciousness.

42364_9f65 Our consciousness directs our behaviors; this is not new, nevertheless it is chronically over-looked. The consciousness which built the poor spiritual foundation cannot rebuild the new one.

We must destroy the ego disguises as our consciousness. Our decision to change however will be met with fierce internal opposition. Prejudices, poor-perception and cultural characteristics will not go willingly; it will be a war, but a war worth fighting.

When we challenge our consciousness process, we examine what has shaped our ability to process issues. Usually a consciousness which is outdated and self-destructive can disguise fragile thinking as justifiable.

But, how did I get like this?

Some were raised in difficult personal and environmental situations e.g., single-parent, drug-addicted parents, environmental instability, poverty, sexual abuse, abandonment by fathers and mothers, sexual and drug peer pressure.

These intimidation forced us to create self and social awareness to minimize being a victim. The structure of our awareness was as brutal as the threat. To succeed in an environment of unbelievable odds some formed concrete attitudes and characteristics. Some of us matured and move on, leaving behind those coping mechanism, unfortunately some did not.

What is PTCS?

Those who did not change consciousness are suffering from (PTCS) post-88062_2d31 traumatic consciousness syndrome. We screen present issues through an antiquated consciousness, one which gave defense years ago in another life mode. We may have change environments, careers husband and wives, but not our consciousness.

The first sign of a secondary consciousness is our inability to foster and sustain harmonious relationships. While fighting to mentally and sometimes physically survive in our past, we unfortunately became comfortable with chaos. If commotion does not exist in our lives, we believe something’s wrong.

Although external success may be gained, we have learned; an inept consciousness cannot be excavated by success. The secondary consciousness rise whenever adverse situations occur, consequently our traits always demonstrate our feeble awareness.

Destroy the Old…

To destroy our inept consciousness and rebuild,

self-awareness is the first step.

Self-awareness is the acceptance and acknowledgments of your true nature, without the public sugar-coating. Often we lied to ourselves growing up, and somewhere between truth and fantasy the line became blurred.

We lied to ourselves to get through pain, we lied to feel important, we lied to hide family secrets, we lied about income, we lied about personal tragedies, we lied about sexual encounters, we lied on resumes, so on and so , ultimately we erected a consciousness built on lies.

Amazing, we justify our deceptive measures for the greater good many times. Without this first step of revealing who you really are, our vortex of inferior relationship management, clandestine emotional suffering and unhappiness will persist.


Welcome the New…

You must challenge your old concept of consciousness NOW!!! If we are content with what we consider a secret hell, this is not our higher being. We cannot hide a poor consciousness; our decisions reflect our state of being, and resonate who we really are.

People with elevated consciousness can see us miles away; we are only fooling ourselves with our pretentious attitude. Start over, tell yourself the truth and begin to build a new consciousness. Rid yourself of decade old baggage, and pain, learn to talk straight with the mirror. Without this first step, change cannot happen, trust me, I know.

It took me twenty-years to turn it around; change is in all of us…


The Invisible Dragon