Tongues who proclaim God’s

wisdom slay the unsaved.

The dead chained to ideology

and piety thirst for thy word.


Man’s doctrines lead us away.

In the wilderness we flail about.

Children, the Gospel is not hidden

as thy Son proclaim, it is near.

As a child in thy Mother’s womb

so is the kingdom.


The thirsts of God’s love will not go unquenched.

So, prepare thy spirit for its return.

Vanquish all fears, beliefs and judgments.

For the breast milk of the

Lord shall feed thy hearts.


Let not the spirit be deceived

by your fathers’ customs.

Tear down those traditions

that one enters unblemished.


We enter the Kingdom not by

man’s way of life but one’s own heart.

We enter the kingdom not of obligations,

conditions or mandate, but by the

Love and forgiveness of God.


The Kingdom of Heaven is in you.

Love and forgive yourself, and

you can love and forgive anyone.

This, the Gospel of Jesus.


Thy Kingdom is not far.


The Invisible Dragon