Seldom will the Dragon fly with other lofty spirits. The Dragon flies in the valley alone, rarely venturing atop the domicile of his spiritual restoration. And so, my invitation by my best friend (Pastor Jerry Wright) to attend his church’s marriage retreat this past weekend received an immediate no.087

However, I received the anti-Christian stare from my wife and a forty-minute persuasive  argument from her best friend Beverly, the Dragon would fly out of the valley.

To my surprise, a theme of spiritual inspiration engulfed the entire journey.  I could not have imagined a better atmosphere, we had a ball a total spiritual cohesiveness.

Most of my spiritual cohorts as my wife are Christians.  In the past the Dragon has experienced personal displacement spiritually and culturally. However, I gained a great deal of appreciation for the invitation.  A sincere gesture.


Large social events do not peak my interests, a small private gathering remains my preference of group interactions.  Nevertheless, I may examine possible inspirational’ potentials of larger social gatherings in the future.

To all who attended, I hope you enjoyed my presence as much as I enjoyed yours.



The Invisible Dragon