My skin wrinkled from her presence.

Like a first grade teacher leading her student,

she carefully whispers her desires in my mouth.

This light tan-skinned graduate student

with her girlish waist line and curvy

figure remained in my office…after class.


I envisioned her body’s silhouette

through her familiar yellow dress.

I chewed the buttons off of it

often while laying beside my wife.


I, a tenured professor.

She, a twenty-five year-old

Dominican of mixed marriage heritage…

a stunning light complexion.

The skin color in which a Black

man receives the best of both worlds.

A Black woman in a White woman’s skin.

Sitting in my office chair,

I could see the sounds from

her faintly colored lips.

Braless, tall and slim

her dress revealed

no undergarments.

My stomach groaned

as if I hadn’t eaten.


The warm day created

a perspiration that lay atop

my lip. As the scent of her

Euphoria perfume flooded my nostrils,

I grabbed my mouth

as if not to scream publicly.

She led me to stand from my chair.


Just as a boy anticipating his first kiss,

I weakened when butterflies came.

I glared at the mirror on my office wall.

A middle-age man afraid –

frightened to grabbed the

small waist and thrust

my body into hers.


As an impatient grade school

student waiting on her teacher’s

star, she insisted my fears go away.

Noticing my struggle for speech

she placed her index finger on my

closed lips. I tasted her finger

through my lips… her hand…

her tongue..

It felt as if my skin was ablaze as

I squeezed her breasts through my

fingers and teeth…

Devouring every scent

that occupied her body.

Soon the look on my face

matched my body’s contortions.


I yelled so loudly in my mouth

that my eyes lost vision.

I will never stay after school again.


Robert Williams