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The busy inattentive mind remains in a constant state of thought. The hectic mentality spins uncontrollable as a rabid animal, one whose death would be mercifully warranted. How does the mind become so infected with constant thought? It created, divided, and conquered by its ego.

When the mind exits its original state after birth, it soon begins to divide itself. The spiritual mind is one of stillness, peace; we see its reflection in faces of newborns. A glow of innocence, nothingness, as babies sits quietly mercerized by silence. A baby is born with two fears “being dropped” and “loud noises.”

The Chase is On


Not soon after, the baby begins to grow as a child and unfortunately, so does “I AM_____.”  The child rapidly discovers the illusionist powers in the words, “I AM_____.” Its false ownership of Mom, dad, toys, bottles, blankets reinforce there’s an “I AM_____.” Conversely, at that moment the mind has become divided from its original state. It now begins its journey of discovering who “I AM.”

The obsessive “I AM______” thoughts if left unaided creates a never satisfied, jealous, and always seeking acquisitiveness egotistical adolescence and eventually adult. An adult who soon becomes ravenous by fears, judgments, and unhappiness. Often we look at the baby pictures of these adults and silently whisper, “What happen?”

280828_1fb4 Choose the Peaceful Mind


When the mind becomes divided, ego like a beast of the fields roams it consciousness looking to devour and control.  The conquered egotistical person becomes a cold robotic figure, pursuing one egotistical illusion after another. To sit quietly in a chair evokes questions of mental instability instead of peace and stillness. Illusions chasing becomes a way of life.

The world of egotistical illusions creates a spiritual powerless person.,  “Be still and know “I AM God.” Release yourself from greed, acquisitions, pride, boastfulness, and ‘chasing something.’ Allow life to come to you fully accepted all treasures, rain and sunshine. Release the illusion that life can be controlled, and become free of spiritual bondage.

The truth remains as steady as when you were a baby.  In stillness you find God in yourself.

The Invisible Dragon