30991_c62cI created a learning mistake. Normally I do not venture into mainstream conversations. I do not want to sound callous, but I do not care to view into the world of 10, 000 things.

There are millions of views published on the internet. Geniuses to illiterates can push a power button, open a word processor and write. (Like Me) I do not comment normally on people’s thought, I am content to comment on a few blog buddies posts on occasion only.


A Mind divided


The Invisible Dragon is my fortitude for spiritual restoration and divine living.  I do not use it to battle against anything.  I have no wars to fight.  The past couple of days I discovered myself as an antagonist to another individual’s views.

Unfortunately, those views became a topic on the Dragon, this was a mistake. I was prideful, arrogant, and a  malcontent in posting those feelings. I am not the keeper of man’s thoughts. I am an Invisible Dragon.


Thankfully, my Zen (Fuu) brother helped guide my spirit back to a higher consciousness. I will return to writing  from my consciousness only, it is peaceful, and it is stillness. The last couple of days were evil; I placed myself inside the evil, I was evil.

The Dragon does not care who you are Jesus Christ, Buddha, Lao Tzu or Joe the Plumber. To fight someone is to fight one’s self. This is the way of a fool. The Invisible Dragon is not a fool.

I do not want to be engaged to man’s thoughts. It is not wise.


The Invisible Dragon