“Do you feel anything? Nothing. Absolutely, Nothing!”

The Invisible Dragon, replying to a television evangelists.


Refresh the Spirit

Wash sin away with the water I was told. Several friends swear by the practice steadfastly insisting water removes the horrors of misdeeds. I got wet. A low audible mystic mantra a friend persisted wash away all dreadful transgressions. After several mind-numbing minutes, I forgot why I was mumbling, and in addition, the incoherent jargon frightened me.

Close your eyes and listen to the heart on a city park bench and sin vanish. After filling out the police report of my mugging, I tossed the practice. Read the Koran and Allah will take away sin, I received a full-cavity body search while flying to Cleveland. I am positive the airport official had a wedding ring on before he…oh God! I shudder to imagine where his ring..Agggh!


Sin No more!

Stop eating pork! There rest your trouble your filthy diet! I like goat. Can I eat goat? Yes what a foolish question my friend shouts back. God cleanse all things except pig. Trust me on this, it is complicated, God and pig have issues.251077_a18b

Give away all your position and live in a tent in the middle of the desert and follow us another friend requested. The first night several people became really ill after drinking some punch, so I called home for a plane ticket, another body search, ouch!


What are Friends for?

I have friends who suggest sin remedies. Over the years I tested some and contested others, all the while seeking “the fix it” to my soul. ‘

There remain more friends and sin remedies; the search for total sin annihilation my noble cause. Out there somewhere, a cure, I travel the world over looking for the elusive spell.

“The Sin Remover.”


Disclaimer: This story absolute humor, it is not intended to make light of anyone’s religion. Just a short, comical, and insightful look inside the universe.


The Invisible Dragon