580070_7d63You and you alone created your world. Satan, the evil spell or ridiculous superstitions deserves no responsibility for your illusions. Stop, stop right now with the blame game, this contagious spectacle spoils my appetite.

Your obsession for external culpability to your predicament refute solid evidence against the true perpetrator-You. Yes, that is right; it is you. What is the common denominator in all your troubles?

It’s Not My Fault


Stop blaming the old boyfriend, the present girlfriend who talks behind your back, or unrealistic missed opportunity. You are the inventor and demolisher of all you perceive. There is no outside comforter responsible to remove your frail consciousness. Stop the irritable speech about who wronged you, we get the picture; it is a broken record.

Cease with the thunderous public declaration that some external force sole responsibility is to make you feel better. Just stop it! What responsibility do you have to your spirit? Do not give me that dress up for Sunday thing, or discipline not to taste a delightful pork sandwich, you made this mess, you get out it.9142_b1d8

Stop using Facebook, Twitter or texting to indict others for your misery. A subtle complaint to the boys indicate a temporary deficit in your consciousness not hers.

All attachments dissolve your capability to develop a relationship with God. All mental and spiritual dissonance signals disconnection from your higher source. The winds of the world controls the mind when this occurs.

Stop Your Complaining!


The acceptance that external variables control your emotional and spiritual state demonstrates a lower consciousness. I do not care if the external variables are family members, friends, children or employees; your misery is internal.

Get off the couch, look in the mirror, and destroy the enemy within–Now, do it.

The busy egotistical mind swirl your consciousness wildly and toss your fragile being like a small sailboat. Why does your screams go unheard? You are what you Seek! You are the Great teacher, Guru, and savior to your spirit.

Think about it for a second, all spiritual teachers say what I have written. Your redemption is not only your responsibility, it is within your power.

If honest to yourself this makes perfect sense, however, some will blame  me for saying it.


The Invisible Dragon