3076_bbc5The Tao Te Ching is powerless; also, the Bible, Koran, and all remaining religious/spiritual manuscripts. These works of art occasionally have influenced love and peace or death and annihilation to fellow humans throughout their conceptions.

The beliefs in Gods’ books as models to spiritual mannerism appear ambiguous and self-interpretable.

Our quest for infinite importance digests supernatural books for a glimpse into our eternity. The popular public forecast theorizes we are more than our physical composition. In addition, we also stand to inherit unlimited materialistic life prizes after death; compensation for obedience to our selected Gods’ books.

Who Created Who?


Nevertheless, I imagine no such agreement of Gods and humans preceded our arrival. Why would Gods write in human outlines to convey our assurances for what lies ahead, for the good and not so good? The premise suggests Gods of limitations and uncreative imaginations.

To determine our Godly actualization, Gods relied upon humans to explain their mystic procedures. Some teachings so surreptitious, we would need special humans with titles to read between the astute lines.187414_aaa8

Would infinite Gods behave in such manner? Could they not vision the difficulty this would cause humans? I contend with tentativeness, no such Gods exist from those books. Although, my apprehension is not one of indecisiveness in my judgment, but human alienation from my human relatives.

I am but a minority who assert stories in our Gods’ books possess their share of fiction. Even if the stories  evolved directly from the Gods’ mouths, the hollowness of humans tarnished their truthful significance.   Consequently, humans constructed a caste system of Godly interpretations and demanded our membership.

Weary to Lean an Ear


The peculiar viewpoint that Gods are in partnerships with human messengers creates an uncomfortable peril. I doubt humans, embedded with chronic mistakes, possess flawless supernatural intuitions.

However, the phenomena may exist, unfortunately, I do not possess a Gods’ book for its model to thrive.  Are there unexplainable incidents? Yes. Do I need humans to interpret those occurrences? No.

(If Gods exist), it rest well above the ego-driven mind.


The Invisible Dragon