54251_5b47Does our world exist only in our imaginations? Is it possible, we constructed our world from memories, desires and fears? Until we came into the knowledge of our mind and body, the world did not exist.

Several spiritual messengers contend, ‘before the world, the creator was.’ This was and still remains a plausible explanation to the existence of an infinite being.  Unfortunately, the explanation became lost in extreme definitions created by our imaginations.

Illusory stories of battles against good and evil, diminish the one-line explanation, and unjustly, presented more dramatic reasons. For instance, the warrior, born in a hostile world must battle against her personal imperfections and against her evil nemesis. The victorious prize for the warrior,  acceptance to the after-world, where she receives pleasures throughout eternity.  However, if defeated, she receives eternal imprisonment to the dark abyss controlled by her evil nemesis.

The manufactured narratives erects boundaries for the infinite being who finds herself in the world. Unfortunately, nothing could be farther from the truth; we were not born into the world, the world exists only in our minds.  The world cannot bound our existence.   To the contrary; we are the background for the world’s existence.

However, the acceptance of a lower consciousness, which display humans as actors, sadly bounded infinite beings into illusory bondage. We sadly wrote ourselves, a theatrical part in a television reality show, based on our past recollections, needs, and fears.  We enslaved ourselves in this world that does not exist.

Unbound the Infinite Spirit


We proceeded to create more television plots that resemble reality.  Dramas of pains, elation and difficulties, and soon we became trapped on the television set. The only relief comes when an true-identity experience occur, where our television shows 234851_c6f8cuts off, and we are without thoughts.

For example, in deep sleep where the world does not exist, we are in timeless space unaware of time. Only peace and stillness exist in this place. Some of us pray for this place so to remove our repetitive thinking.

Why do we feel this need to escape from our thoughts? Those thoughts are not real, they are induced pain-filled illusions. We feel helpless in the scary delusional world we created.  What can one do?

Our minds and bodies constructs the temporary world we see, cut it off, and it vanishes. Awaken from the movie scripts we have fabricated, and discover our infinite being.  We can achieve this spiritual link while being inside the world, surly, this message is not new. You have heard, ‘how to be in something but not of it,’ so unattached the consciousness from the drudgery of fiction.

If temporary, it is fiction, made up.


The Invisible Dragon