40495_4d5cWhat if we realized there was no ‘else?’ For example, if all communication existed from our infinite beings tomorrow, would we have anything noteworthy to say? What would be our first sentence?  Would we audible original higher thoughts or repeatable lower sounds from ‘else’?

Is it possible to exist without attachment to ‘else’?

Sheep or Infinite Beings?


Are we mindless sheep wandering in the wilderness or infinite beings? Our lives  seems to say we are helpless herbivores waiting for our daily feeding of grain.   We enforce passivity with our constant repetitive external self-assurance pleads to ‘else.’   Our rehearsed ‘else’ chants profess strength against the unknown, but we and ‘else’ deceive ourselves, we are petrified of the unknown.  The slightest change of winds rattle our fragile bones.

We are attached to ‘else’ because it falsely explains causality. ‘Else’ say fear is a sign of reverence for it, an appreciation to its creation of the herds of frighten sheep. Further, we recite chronic rehearsed language to ‘else,’ expecting it too add to our fearful existence. (e.g., more days, wealth, healthy obeying children, employment) Sadly, our thoughts seldom leave those cemented blocks of consciousness. 691137_e5cf

Where lies our Strength?


‘Else’ is not a source of courage. On the contrary, ‘else’ bounds our helpless spirit to our own creations of threats, fears and extermination.  Else’ keeps us chained to the past and imprisoned to an incessant craving for ‘future.’

We live a rehearsal of, ‘what went before’ and ‘what cometh,’ our sad perennial grazing for effects that do not exist. Unfortunately and fortunately, we created ‘else’ to govern our reckless imaginations.

Truly, all is possessed by us, our true being. We are not helpless sheep but something that exist before all ‘else.’ Our faulty consciousness implanted the wicked wilderness we perceive to navigate daily. There can be no peace where an illusion of helplessness exist.

Infinite spirits realize their attachment to ‘else’ temporary things and exit from this mirage. We must crave a thirst for reality, one where we experience out permanent existence.

There is no ‘else.’  You are the Creator.


The Invisible Dragon