Tao Verse 30


If the Tao is your guide

There is no need for violence.


Violence used on your enemies

return to battle you. Every action

produces a counteraction.


The Master finishes his job and stops.

He does not boost of his victory.

He does not glorified or pride

himself through his battle.

He regrets all forms of war.


Because the Master knows, even the

strongest force weakens with time,

and its violence return to defeat it.


Live Without Force

The Sage is careful not to prescribe to tools of violence. When anger, bitterness, and hate are chosen to battle her enemies it soon defeats her. The Sage goes against the Tao with this unsound behavior.

The Tao influence the path of least resistance. When the Sage finds herself in vicious battles she retreat: because the winds of war blow in all direction. Dismiss all violence as solutions to life situations.


The Invisible Dragon