281524_7641The identification with the mind-body propels our conscious into fantasy. Some imagine our eternal beings as ever-seeking creatures of ‘needs’.  This unrealistic foundation developed from our natural expectations as young children.

As children, we developed self-centered perceptions from our dependencies on parents, environmental conditions and natural needs. e.g., water, food, clothing, and shelter. External variables controlled our emotional states and lives.

Where’s my Bottle?


However, the childlike unconscious possesses a constant state of fear and anticipation.  It constantly reminds us of past disappointments and imminent doom.  Infested with this habitual thinking we embed our lives with helplessness and dread.

Also, as our adolescence world evolved the egocentric habits increased. Not only, did we depend on others, we also sought our own satisfaction.  However, in the childlike unconscious, we are never at peace; we chronically look for more and fear lost.

In the end, some adults live in this nightmare presently, an unrealistic void where ‘needs’ exist. To awaken from this unending hallucination, one must face their infected unconscious. 40573_d75f

The Nightmare


This improbable nightmare creates our attachments to people, places and things. e.g., husbands, friends, employers, people, work/home environment, cars, money and fame.

As adult as when children, we are again slaves to external variables that influence our emotional state and lives.

The ego-driven unconscious operates our real life with artificial motives. To diminish the ego’s influence, a deep-seated discovery of true-self must occur.  The reconnection to our infinite being creates the conscious of our true nature.

Peace in New Conscious


An infinite being requires nothing and receive all things, this is the manifestation of our infinite self.  The projection of a life of uncertainty originates from inside not from external variables.  Our nightmares are being directed by our feeble conscious.  There is no boogeyman, it’s just us.

Egotistical impulses and temporary possessions disguise identification of our true nature. Walk a mile as your infinite being and the ego loses hold. I can not describe your road to a new conscious, I offer only some signposts.  Discover yourself.