Miles DavisWe watch memories daily; some live through them. Not really, memories exist only in the mind, and inside our projected world.  In general, the world, mind, time, and space  are unrealistic figments.

Yet, memories manufactures artificial sights, sounds, and colors that provide descriptions.  However, the Supreme Being cannot be describes by memories. Without argument, beyond the memories lay nothingness, the unknown without an identity.

How Do We Name Nothingness?


Words cannot express this nothingness; we often experience its empty-content in deep sleep. Yet, we are speechless in our attempts to articulate the experience. To be more specific, beyond our perception and cognition, our true being exists without a name.

The omnipresence is nameless. Mind, universe, time, and space project upon this eternal source.  These temporary entities however come and go through the unknown. What remains unchanged is the eternal nothingness, it is undivided and unopposed.

I am this nothingness, this Supreme Being; however, this statement is also false. Because, the true being is unknown, although it exists, it is reality not seen or named. The abandonment of descriptions has created this comprehension of simplicity. 304631_dc52

The Unknown.


However, be not mistaken, although unidentified and beyond understanding: my real being is actual and unyielding as a rock.

My condition is unmovable, a steady changeless state, the mountain one builds upon. I am without duality; motionless and unsusceptible to mental persuasion.

Extraordinarily firm and unbreakable, I am concrete with just cause.  Awaken, I am without hesitation.  If winds blows violently, one may anchor their ship to my unyielding condition. Bronzed with the reality of my eternal existence, the truth  being unsealed, unquestionably, I am the unknown.  The eternal light if you desire a description.


The Invisible Dragon