450298_3da6Get rid of the notion that your blessing is on the way.  Time does not exist in our supreme state. Waiting on a blessing may become spiritual oppression. Therefore, the awaken person realize, they are the blessing they seek.

To advance in the stages of spiritual development, one must believe in their eternal existence. After all, what would a perfect being wish? All desires are fantasies of the unaware spirit. Without question, the journey to the inner-self is the purpose, not collection of temporary items or egotistical satisfaction.

Stop Chasing Illusions


Accordingly, the mind’s obsession creates the thirst of chronic non-satisfaction. This thought process, fuels the ideal that God must provide more. Some become obsessed with the ideal of acquisitions. May I suggest, after all, what do we really desire? The first sign one has adopted the world is the fear of “it’s not enough.”

Regrettably, in man’s concept, God provides with conditions. Some receive things, some do not, fatefully this flawed perception fuels ego, covertness, and greed. When one believes there may not be enough, it stands to reason; they may only look out for number one. Sadly, this spirit is bind to the temporary world and may seek self-gratification in all their endeavors.133593889_ef409b37e0

Walk Your Path


To release oneself from this regrettable concept, the conscious being must detach from idealism. From the boondocks, where one chase daily unrealistic quests for fulfillment. This is the first step.

The mind-body exist only in a temporary state, it will decease to exist one day. For this reason, the destruction of identification with it must occur.

You are not your mind-body; unequivocally, we are more than muscle and bone. Furthermore, the journey to self-awareness naturally destroys the mind-body identification. As one goes inward, outward concepts begin to dissipate, the voyage slowly strips idiocy. Awaken from the bondage of fear, we establish a steady and concrete realization of our true nature.

What we formerly desired and chased, (e.g., recognition, control, acquisition, greed) become distant illusions. Surprisingly, the journey becomes the goal.  This solitary flight outside the flesh is the miracle. Which makes you the blessing.


The Invisible Dragon