Define Me

**To realize our true nature, one’s comprehension must be turn inside out. Did you know memories, assumptions, and facts are obstacles to a new awareness?

Our mind contains many untruths about our true nature. (e.g., birth, death, spiritual dependency) These delusive comprehension become accessible as the mind search for causation of existence.

‘Who Am I’ appear to require a plausible answer, or at least one believable enough to have faith in. Therefore, the obsession with ‘Who AM I’ influenced our mind to clarify existence with role identification. ‘Who AM I’ became ‘What I do.’

Diggin’ Out


The mind craves identification through role-play. More so, our attachment to these multiple identities (e.g., fathers, wives, children and students) provides the stress to our lives. Sadly, some may falsely deceive others of ‘who we are’ and worse, ourselves. 17917_ad3f

Understandably, some may even become morally bankrupt, while existing in this deceptive capsule. We still dread being without identification however.

The Unknown Identification


The unknown cannot receive identification from its creation. All descriptions of the unknown, the true being, are eternally false. The unconscious being, lost in its delusions perceive restraint inside its temporary mind and world.

An orphan, the Supreme Being entwined in role identification appears befuddled and lost. This is not true, however, false mental concepts appear faithful, but lest not believe in dreams. Arguably, our true nature is without identification and description.  Again, one must excavate memories, half-truths, and self-deception to arrive at its true nature.  Start your walk inside the dreams and discover the creator.


The Invisible Dragon