That’s a Bad Man,


Countless hours invested in worship, The Tao, Joyce Meyers, or Oprah and we remain spiritually disable.  Our public persona cast a shadow of invincibility; however, deep down inside, we would die if others really discovered the truth.

The truth that reveals the ‘Godly Breastplate’ we proudly display as spiritual supremacy: screens a frighten child.  However, luckily for us, we realize our counterfeit bravery-(Don’t we?).

Why do we perform this pious high-wire act?

Regardless of the circumstances, a static state of judgment is synonymous with self-hate. Our condemnation of someone else indicates a low-level of consciousness.  Our  condemnation removes the bright light away from us. This deflection allows us to fly below the moral radar. Covered by darkness, our inner fears and doubts go unnoticed.

As We Judge, We Deceive


Sadly, we defend our indifference to people (e.g., drug-addicts, adulterers, liars) as a noble cause based upon religious convictions. Give me a break. Our public and private scorn reflects our fearful-consciousness. 88062_2d31

When we see others’ darkness and make judgments, we tighten our resolve to keep quiet about our own. The public must never discover what our hidden-thoughts describe.   As slaves, we live in fear of our secrets becoming public.

Regrettably, cocoon in fragile capsules our refutations loudly proclaim spiritual instability. Unfortunately, what appears saintly is actually a display of deceptive consciousness.

Keep your Mind Shut!


In this deception, we create a behavioral hierarchy, which protects our behaviors as not being as detrimental as others. (However, we know the truth-don’t we?) Deplorably, when we misbehave, somehow we are not as bad as the persons without God’s grace. Are we?  We deceive ourselves.

The person who judges man’s behaviors possesses a life of limitations and repetitiveness. Unaware of the flaw of self-identification, we falsely perceive a duty to judge, correct or condemn. This thinking is superficial and renders most holders of it to chronic spiritual disability.

Save the world by saving yourself. Surrender mental concepts of judgment and those secret behaviors you hide, may no longer exist.


The Invisible Dragon