Self-identification to objects (e.g., people, materials, accomplishments) is detrimental to spiritual equilibrium permanence. When we attached ourselves, albeit, to wives, husbands or whatsoever we no longer control our state of being.

Our passion unstable as results of these temporary substances, tax a heavy burden on emotions and spirit. These self-induced fixations immediately increase dependence and neediness.

The implementation influences an exchange of spiritual empowerment to secular welfare. Regardless of the object attachment, three negatively charged emotions exist with self-identification (1) desire, (2) expectation and (3) fear.  All three aroused states dismantle our spiritual equilibrium.

We will look at the three emotions impact on our lives in the coming days.  Sadly, these emotions may exacts a person spiritually inoperable if left untreated.


When we identify with objects e.g, person, thing or possession our spirit instantly becomes dormant and needy. The attachment generates dependency.  We can all attest we possess desires.  Regardless, there is nothing wrong with desire, as long it is not attached to self-identification.  In for instance, a rabid sport fan’s emotional state moves with the performances of her team. Wins or loses creates joy or dissonance.

On the contrary, the self-identification desire influences our  emotional and spiritual state with far more intensity.  From children, employment, fame, we unknowingly possess countless attachments we identify with.  Sadly, we only recognize our possessed wanting, when something we desired does not manifest.   244080_e6b6

Pleasure Me, Please

How often are we motivated to control our husbands, wives or children for example? Why do we desire them to behave to our preconceived whims?

The self-identification with love ones wreak havoc on our feelings and sprightliness state.  We toss and turn in our sleep as we are agitated by their out of sync behaviors.  We blame the love one for our spiritual woes.

However, it is our desires motivated by self-identification, which have not being satisfied that causes our instability. In other words, and painfully, our happiness and their behavior have become synonymous.  With perfection, our desire manifested from our self-identification produces chronic pain and spiritual welfare.

As a behavioral desire addict, our demeanor only induce two states of being, (1) happiness when desires are served and (2) violent withdrawals when not.  Sadly, we may drive ourselves into spiritual insanity, if we do not release our self-identification.  Later, we will look at ways to become free from self-identification.

Soon pt. 2

Self-Identification and Expectations, …As we witnessed earlier, addicted to other people’s behaviors through self-identification, promotes neediness and dependency.  Consequently, desire naturally leads to expectations. The self-identified person desire and expect so much….demand behavioral expectations….


The Invisible Dragon

Miles Davis