The only reception from the Tao is blank and uneventful. Miraculously, the actualization of a deeper awareness occurs without much fanfare. I contend no artificial pious act shall replace one’s silent revelation to the changeless form.

Taoism requires only a deliberate practice to self-exploration. It exists before maharishi, guru or ceremonial initiation. One needs not a Shepherd for a guide. Nothing created it and nothing is contained in it. The Tao flows wherever the universe exists, as a matter fact, the universe lives inside its emptiness.

A search of the Tao leaves one without meaning. There are no rules, customs or commandments to misinterpret. If one walks toward the Tao, the Tao becomes beyond distance. The mind vision life through shapes and forms, it is incapable of seeing nothingness. Slow and methodical is the great changeless Tao.

If one explores Tao for understanding, one misses the point. If one desires an answer, it cannot produce explanations. How can the indescribable describe? The Tao cannot heal, nor replace items, it seek no recognitions or extolment. It is easily dismissed by carnal mind.

To engage with the Tao do not try. To understand it, remain confused. To experience the Tao, live it. Uneventful the moment when one actualize the nothingness and its constant.


The Invisible Dragon

Miles Davis