Don’t Wake up

Some of my best life events are experienced in the waking hours. Quietly and motionless, I arrive to an appreciation of the unknown though this portal. Wickedly exciting, inside this entryway, I am neither afraid nor desiring; strangely, the world of my mind is inconspicuously absent.

In fact, these waking hours imitate a trance like state. I imagine I am God walking. Although all things are moving, I am surreal in my behavior, a motionless witness; one possessed by a crazed zealousness for the stillness. I believe, in this context, I am a candid representation of my true nature, the absolute, a all-encompassing spirit.

A Purposeful Dream

Consequently, I comprehend my self-realization in the silence of the waking hours. In other words, I undergo wholeness, humility, and tranquility. There are no battles, no competitions to defend or egotistical desires pressing my attention. More important indeed, my existence has no purpose in the waking hours, I am harmless as a caterpillar.

What must one achieve to live life in the waking hours? Ultimately, one would need to join the spiritual witness protection program I contend. Specifically, for this reason, one would become free to witness the world’s events without engagement. Hopefully soon, one morning, I die in the walking hours.


The Invisible Dragon

Miles Davis