Who’s your Master?

This is an inalienable truth; it is impossible to serve two masters. You cannot be immersed in the world and possess a higher consciousness. If someone tells you different, it is a total fabrication. Without question, our spiritual transformation will remain stagnant in this sultry self-deception. Unbeknownst, and ironically, comfortably in the wilderness, we lie about our predicament.

Entangled in the wilderness we improvise a daily pseudo vigil to sanctity. With rehearsed proverbs and anecdotes, we remind others as well as ourselves our lofty holier-than-thou intentions. All the while, our hidden passion remains worldly desires, cravings, and acquisitions. Amazingly, as we sink further into the unrealized bondage, we prophetic profess allegiance to these pious duties.

A Maze of Deceit

It is difficult to untangle our identity with the mind-body obsession. Our chronic pains and fears gravitate from this egotistical obsession and marriage. However, the ill-gotten matrimony, cloaked inside our celestial starvation, unfortunately, drives our appetite for constant worldly ingestion. But worse, and sadly, we unwittingly pray to God for more and not less of it.

To deliver ourselves, one must ultimately begin, a slow and sometimes painful decent from the mind-body attachments. These bonds drive our pains and fears. As long as we serve it, it will provide promises of happiness and fulfillment.  However, and unfortunately, we will constantly strive for ‘something’ that will never arrive.


The Invisible Dragon

Miles Davis