Thinking isn’t Good for You

There are no commandments to obey or mantras to recite, to find one’s true being. To know yourself, look no further than at one’s heart. In the heart, the true nature without tarnish remains changeless. For this reason, all external procedures to self are inheritably false. These antiquated routines are concepts of men.

Did you know, our source in silence and stillness reveals our true nature? Without rehearsal or scripted jargon, it speaks softly to us. Unfortunately, if one has a busy mind, its energy will quickly be attached to a mental object. The mental concept that  falsely believes the source must have a name, shape, or emotions will now create our bondage.

The Trap

Sadly, and inconsolably, we suffer from mental percepts that chain us to fear and expectations. Moreover, the steadfast vigil to uphold our false spiritual comprehension develops a feverish appetite for proof. Consequently, this delusion to prove what one falsely believes consumes life.  Amazingly, our passion becomes our captor.

To find yourself, unlearn everything you have been taught. As a matter of reference, do not attempt to learn anything, for all knowledge is a concept of the mind. ‘Being,’ is to be ignorant, inside this negation one truly understand their identity. It is better to walk a thousand miles blind to self, than to take one-step with to a false image.


The Invisible Dragon

Miles Davis