Lena Horne was more than a Woman.  Hearing of her death this past weekend sadden me, however, it provided me a moment to reflect.  Seldom do public figures deaths affect my mood.

However, Lena Horne’s death sent ripples through my emotional psyche. When first seeing her on Sanford and Son in the early 70’s, her persona more than Fred’s gushing over flawless beauty influenced my opinion.

Lena Horne was beauty and power. She stood up and challenged the treatment of Blacks unquestionable scorn after witnessing a horrible display of racism in 1945.

…”she avoided activism until 1945 when she was entertaining at an Army base and saw German prisoners of war sitting up front while black American soldiers were consigned to the rear”. Yahoo Music

I never knew this story, but I saw it in her on Sanford and Son. She flowed with an almost surreal picturesque of a Goddess of strength and grace. Lena Horne was the best America could ever offer as a woman.