1295586340_984711cfd2 The only constant power is the ability to change your consciousness. Do not mistake the mind’s illusion that circumstances are exchangeable. The past, neither present nor future obey our commands.  Sadly, only through manipulation or force we (falsely believe) our control of internal and external variables.

The self-gurus suggest we possess the power to change our world; however, they confuse the multitudes. This is not accurate or mentally safe, as a matter of opinion; it is paramount to spiritual suicide.  Change the world by changing your attitude.  All other mental measures are fruitless baskets.

The Comforter

Did you know the power to ‘change your consciousness’ is your only comforter. In other words, our consciousness controls our beliefs, which propels our actions. We act our thoughts. Therefore, chronic mental pain originates in chronic mental thoughts.

For example, painful memories may become a permanent fixture in some spirits. They experience past mental pains as if it happened yesterday. Amazingly, they hold the past pain as a badge of honor.  Their mind infested with negative thoughts, they proceed through life repeating the pain to anyone who’ll listen.

‘Let Go’

Stop this foolish, halt the pain by changing your consciousness. Learn to accept personal, social, and professional circumstances and ‘move on’. Spiritual maturation blossoms when this procedure becomes a reality.  The sooner you ‘let go’ the quicker a peaceful spirit emerges.

This is the only power you control.


The Invisible Dragon

Miles Davis