4289153378_0b4bb5b0f6_m Beside the synthetic identifications (i.e., mother, employee, husband, soccer mom, daughter) how do I decode your authenticity? For example, if an alien lacking our vocabulary sought a workable definition of you, what would you say? For instance, would you replay, ‘I am a mother and work over at the plant’ or a social community organizers. Hmm, not good enough, you play those roles like an actor in a movie. I am seeking your true self, beneath the facade. Minus the social or pious affiliations, who are you really?

I am a man/woman of____. What? What were you going to say? Please, I do not want to waste time on company tag lines. Don’t attempt to dazzle me with phraseology? Speak with some relevance, not with the b.s. used to keep baseless conversations afloat. So, on the contrary, I am requesting the person who screams when the lights flicker. Tell me about that circus ringmaster.

Tell me about the one who shakes violently, if those private thoughts are made public. Please, describe the underground you operate alone side the public front. Yea, talk to me about her. However, have your identifications caused disorientation? When I asked you to tell me who you are, you stated, “Give me a minute.” five minutes ago. (Thinking of an identity to sell me.)

Just tell me who you are. Without all worldly dressings (i.e., religious, racial, gender, cultural, spiritual, employment or sexual orientation) articulate your existence so a mindful conversation may occur.

“The Dragon blows his smoke and stings the mind’s eye.”