137582239_5ee36f43bb_m “Among all born again Christians, which includes evangelicals, the divorce figure is 32 percent, which is statistically identical to the 33 percent figure among non-born again adults,” (“Study: Christian Divorce Rate Identical to National Average | Christianpost.com,” n.d.).

Has the liberal stigma of divorce created a lethargic attitude among African American Christians? Would you believe Christians are more open to separation than “to death do us part?”  Marriage is tough enough, add employment, children, and a needy husband, well you get the picture. However, no one person has a more influential impact on a husband’s behavior than his wife.

Consequently, the Christian husband wants to satisfy his wife sometimes more than God. Sadly, his mistakes are manifested with a double edged-sword.  There’s an easy way to help your Christian husband grow his faith.  Below are 3 methods that will help you build your Christian husband, your marriage and his faith.  These strategies are as good as your belief in God.


3 Foolproof Strategies that build a Strong Christian husband


(1) Men at Work

Have you heard the old adage, “A family who prays together, stays together”? I contend, on the contrary, “A husband that works and lives his faith stays together with his family. Attending church, tithing and organizing church functions is not synonymous with a faithful existence. A wife must remind a husband he’s responsible for his walk. Challenge and encourage him to stand up and live a life that reflects his Christian beliefs, values, and attitudes.  In other words, help your husband to halt pretending pious actions and truthfully resurrect his faith.

(2) The Leader Among us?

Encourage your husband to realize the importance of matrimonial leadership. Although, man and 191539431_206b1daf45woman are equal, a strong Christian woman desires a well-built Christian man at her side. Consequently, a Christian husband must maintain strength in his faith, as well as his personal convictions.  In addition, help your husband develop his own Christian persona and God’s purpose for himself. Tell him to stand up on his own faith, not the one you or  others may desire.

(3) Spiritual Equilibrium

While one grows, a wife’s nurturing must be positive. No worthwhile man was composed from absolute negativity. The Christian wife,  must walk her talk also.

Love is not blind; some wives see husbands’ shortcomings a mile away.  Predictably, however, this may create a judgmental spirit.  We realize, the Christian marriage is not only dependent on the well-built husband, but also, a positive reinforcing well-built wife.

For that reason, be careful Christian wives, that love bitterly soaked in anger creates a toxic environment. Ultimately, however, the husband must find his faith strut; nevertheless, the wife came be his  walking cane or the crack in the sidewalk. In other words, encourage his Godly intentions until ‘death do you part’.

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