424114016_a10c8f1ccc_m The Tao has nothing to offer. Subsequently, it is not a magical formula one masters to receive its consent. As to make clear, the Tao is at the bottom of all imaginations. It is unclear of its origins, but it is the nameless in the world of 10,000 things.

Before the universe, it exists. It requires no personal submission, customs or ceremonial practices. Like water, it flows high above the cloud and beneath the valley. It remains nameless, so not to mislead those who seek assistance.

The Tao instruct and yet not teach, it feeds, but does conquer hunger. The mystery comes and goes without much fanfare. In the consciousness, it is silent, professing nothing but providing all awareness.

The egotistical mind refutes it guidance and all-knowing wisdom. Preferring to rely on illusions, the self-centered mind lives in fear and unceasing thinking. Sadly, this consciousness runs back and forth from its habits.  Seek nothing and gain everything.  Give all away, so to create your Tao.

Tao remains all things and yet nothing.

The Invisible Dragon