businesswoman - bad phone call Do you find yourself exhausted after your day? Do you believe the ‘not pain, no gain’ adage? Consume with destinations and plagued with goals; does life exist without notice. In a constant state of motion, you are never-resting, looking backward and forward for what is next. Unbeknownst for some, sadly, chasing ambitions can increase fatigue and threaten spirit and body.

Mindfulness is the art of staying present and innovative. To master stillness is not only spiritual but also healthy. “Be still, and know that I am God,” (Ps. 46:10) illustrates the divine mechanism, which regulate awareness. In other words, when mindful, one exists in the moment, unaffected by egotistical thinking and desires.

Subsequently, the self-centered mind however is always in pursuit. It never rest, even while sleep, it rumbles one awake, making one believe they forgot to do something. Others catch themselves talking aloud, and until they realize someone’s watching do we snap out of it. The hurried life is not worth living. You may get the shiny new adult toy but at what price. Stop chasing life, persist in faith, and allow God to flow through you.

Nevertheless, do not realize too late, the chase was an illusion…while you battle for your health.

The Invisible Dragon