1621836966_f4e258d6cc_m One wonders how to build faith, even-more so, how to maintain it. Our lives appear so complicated. Consequently, we often run from one fire to the next. Whether it is professional, personal or social, constant situations drive us batty at times. Unfortunately, we become easily unglued and scream, asking where is our relief.

A vital characteristic one could possess to me is faith. However, easier said than done. How does one build and maintain this invisible spiritual phenomenon? First, let us remind ourselves of its meaning; ‘faith’ is the ability to possess devotion in self or other entities (i.e., God, husbands, wives, traits, abilities). For instance, one may possess faith in the ability to complete an assignment. We however are discussing faith in God.

Acquiring and mastering faith is a difficult proposition. To accept God to guides one’s life is difficult, if we choose to be honest. Many issues often rattle us, if our boss wants to talk us, we nearly pass out, the school calls us about our children, fear overtakes us like a tsunami.  Subsequently, fear intimidates,  leaving us as empty peanut shells at a baseball game. Our faith at times is as a child, that’s if we choose to be honest.

3 Essentials to Faith Construction

1. Get out the Race

Give your worldly pursuits a rest. The more you desire, the less faithful you becomes and more fearful. When you run after things, you dismiss your trust in God. The faithful allows God to flow through them while maintaining balance.  They never chase.

2. Redefine Courage

You do not have to confront everyone about every issue. Being able to walk away is not cowardly or weak; on the contrary, it is the actualization of God. You do not always have to be right. Humility and forgiveness represents faith.

3. Voluntary Workouts (faith)

How many workout hairstyles, blackberries, or ‘The View’? We religiously follow superficial dimensions effortlessly. Fearful we may not be perceived as pretended, the front is on.  Give some things up. You may not know this, but, faith is giving, ‘when it is of inconvenience to us’.  Release fear and exercise faith by giving to you love it.  Thinking about others more than ourselves is faithful.

In other words, put our faith to the test. Let us demonstrate our devotion to God, instead of our pretentious orchestrated rehearsals. Let us prove what we  profess to love. If not, we continue with the game of ‘hide and seek’.  That’s if we choose to be honest.

The Invisible Dragon