501925151_b36f669e0e Self-esteem remains a vital part of us being in a mindful state. Possessing confidence and satisfaction in oneself helps energies the passion for life and love. When one however allows individuals or circumstances to mode our consciousness, we can lose the ability to separate event from the spirit. In other words, you are not the events of your life.

As some have found out, in life, things do not always go as plan; in those situations however, we must remember to separate ourselves. If someone disappoints you be careful with your rage, placing too  much capital in our responses can weaken self-esteem. How many experienced a deficit in the spirit after suffering frustration and regret over the actions of another?

If our wife does something unexpected, we can feel great pain and by chance low self-esteem can occur.   In other words, the “Why Me,” will begin to eat our spirit from the inside out. In addition, our self-worth decreases while the pain magnifies, for days we may not be any good to anyone but mainly ourselves.  The disappointment plummets us into a sea of self-pity, apathy, and sometimes unrelenting fury.

5 Ways To Boost Self-Esteem
(1) Never Internalize the Pain

The ill-fated behaviors of a love one is not the time to say, “What did I do wrong?” An honest assessment allows you not to blame yourself for someone’s actions. Do not become a co-dependent in poor behavior.

(2) Anger Be Still, Humility

Be slow to express your anger verbally. Do not burn yourself, attempting to be ‘”Brutally Honest.” Remain quiet and sometimes walk away from disappointment.

(3) Forgive and Forget

If you struggle with forgiveness, your self-esteem and confidence will erode. Holding the handle of a hot-pot burns the hand of the person holding it. Self-esteem is empowered by being the bigger person.

(4) What you say, may and will be used against you

When hurt, we feel justified in saying whatever we like, for instance like a ‘a victim statement in court’. However, what you express my revisit you at a later date. In other words, the shoes will go on the other foot, no one’s perfect. Say what you would want said to you.

(5) Love Not Need

Self-esteem suffers woefully when we misinterpret what love is. Love always comes from the inside out. With that said, “We love not because we need a person; we need the person because we love them.” Dr. Henry Grayson, Mindful Loving

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