“When go behind the curtain in search of causality, you find yourself.” The Invisible Dragon

3389896238_0e822f7489_m Our perceptions about others say everything about us. Negative assessments indicate more about us than imagined. When we spew pessimistic appraisals, it is an insight on our characteristics, spirit and indicates egregious personality traits. The Dragon practice daily to unlearn the sinful mannerism of judging others’ actions.

It is weak moral fiber to speak negative about individuals and their actions. The procedure indicates a fearful existence. For instance, how many notice those who run people down and complain about their own life’s circumstances constantly? These people who judge are often depressed, stressed and full of anxiety. The do not sleep well; often turning relentlessly to find stillness. Sadly and unfortunately, their frowns are hidden as they quietly make cemented conclusions about everyone.

Just Look at them, what a shame

Often with excruciating fluency, these individuals will judge unmercifully even close associates. While in a car alone or standing in a crowded room, they make ill-conceived God 323659779_5cab0537f6_mdefended verdicts. They talk frequently to themselves or friends, who unfortunately must agree likewise, (rather they want to or not). Subsequently, allies fear an identical assault or worse, excommunication if they fail to defend their friends’ judgments. As a result, these relationships are often one-sided and manipulative driven.   You know who they are, stop playing…

Agree with me or else

In addition, judging individuals are control fanatics, although, they despised similar uniqueness in others. By the way, egotistical people really burn them up; however, deep down inside they fight not to reveal their own narcissistic tendencies (i.e., greed, ego, acquisition, fame and fortune). We know people like this; however, the courageous and Godly path is to declare it is “I”.

“Your perceptions of others reveal so much about your own personality,” says Dustin Wood, assistant professor of psychology at Wake Forest. Negative judgment rip away at the holder of the verdicts, stop judging yourself and find your goodness in others. This is good moral fiber and a Godly spirit.

The Invisible Dragon