9890485_2adc721dbd What holds us back from actualizing full potentials? How often while staring in the mirror, we pray a new us jump from the reflection? Some go through life in an robotic-like state of awareness. Mindlessness, they repeat life’s routines as cast off actors in a Broadway play. Regardless of their circumstances, the identical frame of mind wears the mask.

Unable to find our niche, often we form self-defeating habits to disguise our frustrations. For instance, approaching new opportunities become a moment of intimidation and anxiety. Stuck in ‘old ways’ we rebuff ventures that may explore new methods, as a result, we harshly denounce these prospects as dead-end and not worth our time. Have you not heard this before, “I have done it this way since I was born, why change now”

Transforming self from wretched habits takes a lot of courage and resiliency. Another camouflage to sticking with old habits is to put it on “God.” Countless individuals utilize their relationship with God to maintain negative habits. Often, even refusing help is reduced down to an acceptable actions supported by God. How many know individuals who quote scriptures to stay faithful but not get their hands dirty?460873307_f819cb812c

Our habits driven by ego rip away our spiritual worthiness. Expectably, we go through the motions, hoping not to get hurt as life passes us by. That is no way to live. Take a more serious inventory of your life and view your negative habits. Regardless if you profit from them, it is important to be truthful with yourself. Otherwise, you will succumb to your empty spirit eventually in a moment of crisis.

Stop These Bad habits and Feel New Again
(1) You do not have to be right

Allow others to have their point of view and accept it. Believing we must be right in all discussions is a visible sign of an empty and ‘stuck’ spirit.

(2) See yourself in everybody, and everybody in you

If you see only dissimilarities, it is easy to subscribe to an encyclopedia of judgment and condemnations. One came not walk down the street without whispering behavioral critiques. Ask yourself, how many people are sitting in a crowded bus terminal?

(3) Lose the Multiple Identities

You are not what you do, have accomplished, membership in organizations or a job titles. Because of multiple identities, we create defense mechanisms to defend out temporary specialness. Find yourself without the camouflage.

(4) All Attachments are Self-Defeating

What you are attached to will be your undoing. All add-on that you view as life saving will eventually diminish and perish (i.e., husbands, wives, children). There cannot be attachments in a spirit who needs nothing.

(5) You will not win the ‘Rat Race’

The coming and going of your busy life will drive you crazy. Slow down and wait quietly as you select from life’s rainbow. Stop believing you control anything externally, you do not, and it is an illusion. Running in place is an act of insanity.

The Invisible Dragon