2861150070_652e8c2e65_m Describing the demographics of African-American men would be both informative and terrifying. Any local news from urban cities across America describes a bleak portrait (i.e., staggering unemployment, incarceration, addiction and health issues). How do Black women find a marriage partner in these unsettling collections? In addition, maintaining relationships to these men who resemble caged animals can be daunting and often demoralizing.

“In 2001, according to the U.S. Census, 43.3 percent of black men and 41.9 percent of black women in America had never been married, in contrast to 27.4 percent and 20.7 percent respectively for whites. African-American women are the least likely in our society to marry. In the period between 1970 and 2001, the overall marriage rate in the United States declined by 17 percent; but for blacks, it fell by 34 percent. African-Americans are the most uncoupled people in the country” Washington post.

The variables of the broken bond of marriage in the community are too vast to explore. From slavery and second-class citizenship to the 1980’s drug epidemic, the reasons are limitless to our relational demise. Without question, Black women desire to be ‘hooked up’ with a straight and honest cat willing to care for home and family to death do us part. However, the traits of a successful Black marriage needs casting on ‘America’s Most Wanted’. 2235372287_4633076e77_m

Barring rehashing the obvious factors aforementioned, how does the Black woman navigate the terrain of her stressed out counterpart? In other words, how does she help him escape his demons? The Dragon expects a mature audience reads his transcripts and undressing Black men will not occur in this translation. I do not build by tearing down individuals character flaws; my intentions are to help people reconstruct their spirits.

Some important questions however need exploring. First, are AA men characteristics, traits and personalities suited for marriage? Second, how do AA women help men deal with their fear? Finally, how do AA women begin a healthy dialogue with men who suppress their emotions?

Time and space will not allow us to cover these points in detail. However, tune into The Dragon’s Radio show at 2pm CST, “Finding the Right Black Man in his Wrong Mind” to discuss Black Men and marriage.

The Invisible Dragon