2675043373_10460df67f_m We are exhausted, faint from repetitive thoughts and unsuccessful efforts at life’s conquest.  Regardless of numerous attempts, we appear hopelessly deadlocked in the court of ‘not arriving’. As such, our peace resembles a mirage off into the distance. If only we prayed harder or secured a little luck, maybe next time we win. Again however, it ends repeatedly with a ‘girl’s night out or ‘a little me time’ to refurbish our fatigue minds. We are stuck.

Subsequently, attempts escapes like a failing fish from out grip drains our spirit.  All in all, we are trapped and we know it. However, with certainty, the vital reason for our purgatory existence lies with the attachments to our physical life. In other words, our connection to what we can see is stronger than we cannot see that which faith is.

As a result, we seldom give in to the unseen (faith); the mortal world attractions instead consume our mind. We become so concern with what we have than who we really are. In fact, our clothing, automobiles, houses and organizations becomes all-important. We accept this second place result, while wrestling against the pains ensue upon our lives from the associations. Sadly, though, our faith also is not in communion with God’s path, but an altered egotistical path is our master.

Help Me

The first step to unleashing our inner-power is to end the chase of worldly recognitions and acquisitions. Build an earnest to fulfill the destiny of our spiritual path by accepting less and refusing to take credit for things. As a reminder, we do not have to be first or right in all situations. In addition, when we help remain silent, take no thought of our practice; hence, we may expect something back in the future. 9891160_e5ea2493c6_m

Our philosophy should be to strive beyond the superficiality and actualize our inner power. Also, we should work mercifully to change our awareness by realizing it is the only sustainable force we possess. Thus, if we truly recognize ourselves as a fraction of God, we would not yearn for the temporary lures of the ego. In fact, we would resemble the opposite of our worldly nature; we would never become stuck or ‘wanting.’ As a result, of not living through desires, the spirit would be at peace we what is.

Release The Power From Within

Don’t move. Just die over and over. Don’t anticipate. Nothing can save you now because you have only this moment. Not even enlightenment will help you now because there are no other moments. With no future, be true to yourself and express yourself fully. Don’t move.” Shunryu SuzukiGive yourself permission to feel perfect, with where you are with what you have. Furthermore, realize that the present moment is the only moment that exists. We become stuck when we fight the present moment.

In short, unleash yourself from the bondage of constant thoughts and wishes. Instead, settle into a state of mindfulness; by guiding oneself into a deeper realm of consciousness. Amidst the worldly comings and goings, observe how endings become beginnings.” ~ Tao Te Ching…Stay balance, not going to high or venturing to low, find the peace inside one and deliver yourself.

Hence, there is a time to go ahead and a time to stay behind.

There is a time to breathe easy and a time to breathe hard.

There is a time to be vigorous and a time to be gentle.

There is a time to gather and a time to release.

Can you see things as they are

And let them be all on their own?

~ Lao-tzu

The Invisible Dragon