311889219_7758a2b26f It is mistakenly understood; the proverbial quest for happiness appears pious. Thus millions seek this expression as virtuous as God’ understanding and compassionate. We yearn for this unsaid gift and scoff its escapable maneuvers from our clutches. Why is happiness so darn elusive? Mainly, because you are looking for it, in other words, you cannot see your nose because of your face.

Happiness is within, unknowable to some we were born with it, and unfortunately, this comprehension became severed by artificial substitutes of pleasure. Subsequently, the tons of external stimulants created the inability to just “Be’ in a state of happiness was lost. In fact, many believe happiness is manufactured as easily as a paper cup.

Control is an Illusion

For instance, some recite, “If only things could fall in line, my state of being would change.” Sorry to say, there exists nothing outside you that will ever provide you happiness. To be clear, not a husband, employment, educational accomplishments, crack, children, or material gains will create a spiritual state of happiness.

Sadly, when we chase happiness, we demonstrate signs of faithless individuals. One that has abandoned any beliefs in God, in fact, these persons are control junkies.  Not surprisingly, they talk big (Religiously, Spiritually) but are as frighten as a leaf. Without faith, their identities are infinite; they play roles of religious convictions, all the while praying at the altar of man. Do not be deceived, such individuals trust only in their control of situations and people. However, it is the illusion of “being in charge” that pains these individuals in their sleep and waking hours.images

“You are not in charge-you never have been, and you never will be”~Wayne Dyer.

Happiness Within

Happiness is a process of surrender. It says, “I AM.” Happiness does not quarrel with reality; it does not seek confirmation through artificial titles, accomplishments or acquisitions. These misguided spirits seeks happiness in “Person, Places or Things,” and ultimately never satisfied.

Hence, a problem is constantly in the way of happiness, (i.e., relationships, employment issues, and people’s ineptness) if only people would listen to me, they recite in anger. This is the sign of a child trapped in an adult egotistical mind.

The humility to release the ego that drives social comparison and control leads to inner discovery of reality. The reality that we were created with a state of happiness; as such we are connected to something unmolested by human’s intentions. As a result, our happiness is inside waiting for the acknowledgment that we are not in control, never was and never will be. Until then, all external happiness-seeking activities are a waste of tears and time.

The Invisible Dragon