1918172723_41189c747f I am fortunate to have viewed the world with a huge amount of skepticism as a child. For instance, Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and Tooth Fairy crumbled under my microscope of reality and truth. In fact, cynicism could be considered as the poverty I wrestled with as a child influenced my social development immensely, as well as, defined my every moment. As a result, the deficiency of life resources, (e.g., Monterey, social capital, education, morality) may not only defined my reality but also stained my future existence.

In any case, growing up I learn quickly not to trust, or shall I say, “Be Weary” of people, my survival hinged on my ability to process situations quickly. In other words, you believe whatever you desire and so will I. As such, my personal experiences for better or worse would be my guide and not other’s opinions or ideologies. Hence, however, I will not regress to explain the egotism that engulfed me; I will save it for another day. On the other hand, the self-dependence influenced my abilities to find my own way, it was not always pretty, but it proved invaluable.

How does one create the self-empowering traits to find their own way? I believe (3) three components eventually quantified certain attributes that enhances self-actualization.

(1) Know Thyself

Some refuse to believe their reality. The mirror tragically flawed with self-delusions and grandeur paints a silhouette of “Everything’s Ok.” Nevertheless, all the while, the spiritual anarchy we call life runs us in circles; we are never satisfied, our moments spent wishing Santa Claus or a similar figure save us. Know thyself and come to grips with your higher awareness, and also, accept and surrender the false assumptions that bind you.310642919_21c0a380c3

(2) Love Thyself

To experience self-love it must evolves through self-knowledge. We often hate what we believe possess a foreign identity; this creates mistrust, and deep-rooted fear. Regardless of status or accomplishments, self-hate destroys the inner being. Many cannot find happiness for they are looking for something not lost. To empower self-love one must find the ability to delve into the soul. This is a scary proposition for some; nevertheless, it must be an undertaking.

(3) Save Thyself

There will be no deliverance from you; God does not intervene in your self-hate. Thus, we confuse so much with allegiance to the philosophy of dependency. Many individuals will profess one must do the work to be saves from addiction, mis-education, or low-morality. This is not to say God does not save, however it is to say, I had to change my consciousness, which in turn change my poor habits. Save yourself…

To find your own way, one must be acute about self. In fact, self-knowledge is the foundation to discovering the bliss you seek. At the same time, self-love grows from this exercise of acceptance and surrender. As a result, we discard our pretentious role-playing and live life in balance. The only person, who can save you, is a real you.  You must find your own way.

The Invisible Dragon