“In all worldly situations exists the opposite. Bad situations grow good causes, and excellent matters turn dreadful in a moment. Seek balance in Tao in all circumstances.” The Invisible Dragon

mindfulness There exist continual streams of good and bad fortune. Although both are identical, nevertheless, the carnal mind, seek to redress moments as different and controllable. Did you know humans like animals are susceptible to nature’s order? As such, the illusion, that we possess powers to alter time is yet unsettling. Hence, our life is a fluctuating phenomenon we have yet to neither understand nor control.

In fact, our illusion about change is the author of our constant disharmony. For instance, not accepting circumstances is a symptom of this chronic affliction. Regardless to popular misconceptions, we are at the mercy of nature. As a result, our only power is to remain balance with the Tao. As such, the consciousness that understand this reality is often a harmonized spirit.

NEWS FLASH: You have one influence: the ability to accept change that demonstrates the duality of nature.

Inside clouds, bursting with rain hides the sun, as such; the flood that sweeps us alone shall lay us beside a soft valley. Life is coins of both sides. Instead of fighting your bad incidents, come to accept their duality. In so much, resist the temptation to believe conditions are 3251194053_e88629fc6a_o-e1262763452495permanent. The only permanent is change. Nothing stays the same we all evolve.

Resistance is Futile

When you receive bad news fight the urge to resist its deliverance. In fact, understand this is a norm of life, a matter of nature, as like snowfall.

Furthermore, our inner-power increases with this viewpoint. As a result, we see ourselves no longer as victims but recipients of something higher. For this reason, we now exhume a posture of acceptance and surrender, this mechanism is the greatest power available to humankind.

At any rate, we would believe we could wish, pray or cry situations away. These illusions are assumptions of time control. In truth, the only power that the source provides is the choice to accept change and move on. Consequently, there is one other unfortunate choice, fight the inevitable. However, not to be forgotten, what you resist will persist.


The Invisible Dragon