071 Yesterday I obstructed the power of the Tao, if that is at all possible. In a messy situation, my inability to recognize my egotistical cravings got the best of me. Unfortunately, my instinctual attribute (Combativeness) hindered my opportunity to recognize and then retreat from an unwinnable battle. Albeit quickly after the incident, my consciousness distinguished a positive through the negative.

Nevertheless, the stain pinched my spiritual evolutionary process to adapt. More importantly, my natural instinct of combativeness requires a constant vigil for me to identify, “When to Yield and When to Go Forward.” On an athletic field, game of backgammon or verbal jousting, agitation has been an ally and enemy to my learning process.

In my past, my natural intuition was to overtake a person, place or thing to control outcomes. Thus, this egotistical yet natural character trait produced both positive and negative outcomes. However, my inability to remain balanced caused my personality to become obsessed with control.063

New Wine in an Empty Bottle

As a result, I was fraught with fear and ultimately overthrown from within. The miscalculation that yielding signified a flaw infested my spirit and corrupted my consciousness. As such, the final determinations, my inability to yield and allow a natural resolve in situations weaken me considerably.

Without question, my natural impulse of combativeness is a trait that has helped me develop. Specifically, it instigates my resiliency to survive in harsh circumstances and advance my cognitive adaptation. More importantly, the Tao is a faith of humility and conscious intelligence with my evolution.

In other words, it helps me recognize imbalances and quickly regulate cognitive thinking skills. Yesterday, I failed to practice my faith to adjust my characteristic to surrender and yield.


My trait to accept responsibility and make amends is who I AM. Consequently, being right is not significant to me; however, yesterday may cause debate in this area. Nevertheless, in the future, one may attest to my capability to yield, surrender and accept situations and opposing views peacefully. Subsequently, engaging in verbal jousting however will require additional due diligence and review of topics, speakers and forums.

Where one desires gain, one may experience lost.

The Invisible Dragon